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Top Tips for Competency Based Interviews

Wed 14/6/2023

Firsty, what is a competency- based interview? This style of interview is meant to test exactly that: your competence. Unlike some interviewers who may be more interested in...

Why Job Seekers Should Connect With Recruiters On LinkedIn.

Wed 19/4/2023

THE RECRUITMENT CLIMATE  The recruitment climate is now largely online based with recruiters, businesses and candidates alike using several online platforms to advertise and seek...

Stand Out From The Crowd

Thu 30/3/2023

So, you are a great candidate for ‘that role’ but what happens if you aren’t the only one? Here’s some inspiration to be more memorable and win over an employer… 1. WEAR SOMETHING...

Manage Your Mental Health Whilst Job Searching

Wed 22/3/2023

Job hunting can be overwhelming and time consuming, but it can also provide the opportunity for you to really think about what you would like from life and how you can put steps...

Benefits Of Clever HR Helping You Find The Right Job.

Thu 16/3/2023

1. WE ARE EXPERTS! This is our daily job and what we love. You’ll be allocated a designated consultant who will know everything there is to know about the job market you are...

Grow Your Business With Clever HR

Tue 7/3/2023

THE FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF BECOMING A CLIENT OF CLEVER HR 'Grow your business whilst saving resource, time and money' FEATURES BESPOKE SUPPORT FOR YOUR BUSINESS - We work with...

How To Calm Those Interview Jitters

Tue 21/2/2023

5 TOP TIPS TO CALM INTERVIEW JITTERS BEAT THE SHAKES! Did you know that by squeezing your buttocks or thigh muscles makes it  practically impossible to have shaky hands!  ...

5 Top Tips For Strong CV Writing

Tue 31/1/2023

Did you know it’s said that most employers take under 10 seconds to scan a CV and put it in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile before then reading in more detail. That’s less than 10 seconds to...