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Is Your Company Diverse?

Tue 11/7/2017

Diversity in a Work Place. Recent government reports have placed a huge emphasis on how organisations have treated minority ethnic employees. This has caused organisations to make...

Modern Technology at Work

Mon 10/7/2017

CEO’s fear their company growth being hindered by inability to quickly understand and adopt modern technology. A high percentage of workforce today say technology makes them more...

5 ways to Protect your Company’s Reputation 

Fri 30/6/2017

Protecting your company’s reputation is essential but how can you ensure any damage is kept to a minimum? Here we list fives ways you can reduce the risk. 1. Implement a robust...

Clever HR Breakfast

Fri 30/6/2017

Clever HR and The Old Rectory Clinic kicked off their inaugural Healthy HR Breakfast with a select group of local businesses in the South Gloucestershire area. The purpose of...

Want to ‘sniff’ out the best candidates?

Wed 3/5/2017

A university in Edinburgh has come up with a novel way to help put their candidates at ease during the interview process by incorporating dogs on the selection panel! According to...

The Expo line up! May 9th

Tue 25/4/2017

How exciting! With just 2 weeks until the first South Glos Expo, the line-ups been announced! We’re thrilled that Victoria will be running a Clever workshop on ‘How to interview...

Unusual Workplace Perks

Mon 24/4/2017

Employers are increasingly using unusual and unique benefits to attract top talent to their organisations. A recent study featured on Adzuna, analysed over 1 million open roles...

2 years on, it's not all Champagne & Skittles!

Thu 20/4/2017

I hope you all had a great Easter. I spent it walking. For miles. And miles! We opted for a change of scenery this time around (the glorious Devon/Cornwall coastline is the norm)...