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Clever ways of managing absence

Tue 10/10/2017

How you can be clever at managing absence With winter vastly approaching; absence will be on everyone’s minds as the cold draws in and more people are taking sick days. Sickness...

Clever pleased to support the Rovers!

Tue 3/10/2017

Clever support football club Paulton Rovers. As part of our continued drive to support local sport, we are delighted to sponsor Paulton Rovers Football Club for the 2017/18 season...

Hiring Managers should re think about employing millennial job-hoppers

Thu 28/9/2017

Millennials (Born between early 1980s to mid-1990s (age 20-34)) seem to hold a bad reputation for job-hopping. Hiring managers can’t get past CVs that read one and a half years...

Emotional Intelligence: The Most Overlooked Candidate Skill

Thu 7/9/2017

  The workplace is an interesting environment; a collection of different people who come together to work towards a common goal. To achieve success, everyone must get along and...

It was only banter!

Wed 16/8/2017

“It was only banter!” is a line often given to justify or excuse having offended somebody. Regardless of whether the intent to offend is there, offensive comments are inexcusable...

Tips for smooth running in HR

Wed 2/8/2017

Human Resource Management is vital for any company with employees. If you’re just a small company, you might manage HR yourself, while most large corporations have whole divisions...

What's Important: Price or Value?

Thu 27/7/2017

How can the world of football transfers make recruitment look like a bargain? Since the arrival of Paul Pogba to Manchester United, the world of football transfers has...

10 Professional Networking Conversation Ice Breakers.

Tue 25/7/2017

Take Note of the Conversation Starters That Tick All The Boxes. Research has shown how much swapping more functional conversations can help you much happier. But, using the...