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Work From Home; Stay Happy

For some, working from home is easy. But, for others it can be a challenging time. You might find yourself feeling unmotivated, lonely and stressed. Take the time to improve your mental health whilst working from home and you’ll shrug off all the negativity.

Have you noticed a change in your mental health now that you’re working from home?

Do you feel more under pressure? Are you battling feelings of isolation? 

Working from home can trigger all sorts of feelings and emotions. It can be challenging. You might go from being a optimistic, productive worker into a tired, irritable, lazy mess.

So, before you hit rock bottom, here are a few ways to prevent your mental health from declining…

Talk to someone

Spending days without speaking to nobody can be lonely and isolating. Instead of communicating via email and hiding behind a screen, find an alternative. Pick up the phone and speak to somebody. You could even arrange a Skype call to touch base with employees, clients, managers etc. Even if its just to vent about work or life, physically socialising with another person can be beneficial in so many ways.


Working from home can sometimes trigger waves of anxiety. You may feel like you should be hustling 24/7 in order to feel like you’ve achieved something. The boundary between work and home life blurs for people who work in the same place they sleep. Working from home requires time management, skills, marketing, IT troubleshooting, customer service, and so much more. Stress from wearing multiple hats can easily wear anyone out. Set yourself a plan of attack. List the things that need to be done and allocate time slots. Make sure you give yourself a couple of breaks to allow yourself to breathe and remain positive.

Fresh air is good for the soul

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as physical activity and eating nourishing foods. Take the opportunity to spend some time away from your desk. Even if its 20 minutes. Put your shoes on, take a breath of fresh air and go for a walk or jog around the block! Physical activity can be a great way to gain that ‘feel good’ energy. Studies show outdoor walks may help lower blood pressure and stress hormones. It’s all about making these small adjustments to your daily working routine to be one step closer to a happy and healthy head space. 

Follow these tips and you’ll protect your mental health from the loneliness, anxiety, and depression many remote workers have a hard time dealing with.

Reach out to someone you trust, speak to your doctor, or find a mental health professional if you’re struggling with depression or anxiety. You’re not alone. And remember, tomorrow is always a fresh start.