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What's Important: Price or Value?

How can the world of football transfers make recruitment look like a bargain?

Since the arrival of Paul Pogba to Manchester United, the world of football transfers has dramatically blown out of proportion. Even more so, is the amount of money that agents can earn from facilitating these deals. It was rumoured, that the agent who was part of the then world record fee (€105 million) for Paul Pogba, himself earned a whopping €27 million. This fee roughly equates to 25% of the overall transfer. However, there is little doubt that this specific deal was a successful business acquisition and sale for all parties involved due to the commercial revenue that would follow.

So how does this make recruitment look like a bargain …….

Although the numbers are not as substantial, the recruitment of financial advisers can nevertheless share similarities with football transfers. At a basic level, financial advisers are salesman that can bring and make a company thousands of pounds every year, and in some cases, millions. With abit of hard-work and graft, these salespeople can provide the platform for a business to reach the next level of earnings potential. Therefore, if a recruitment agent offers you (the business) the opportunity to acquire such an individual, who can initiate this growth potential, should the fee reflect this ‘signing’ is a fee of 20% – 25% really that bad of a deal?

It is becoming widely accepted, within football, that if an individual is going to improve your team/business, then subsequent acquisition and agent fees are irrelevant. Although every individual has their price, it is perhaps time that businesses realise that recruitment fees of 15%-25% are a deal worth making if an individual can elevate them to the next level. 

If you want a ‘Pogba’, then prepare to pay for it.  

Thoughts of Tom Brown, Jul '17