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What matters more: A tidy CV or a clean Social Media presence?

The CV. From sitting down punching in your strengths, achievements and school grades into the type writer when they first become the ‘norm’ back in the 1950’s, to an all singing and dancing multi coloured, image bearing glossy PDF. But do recruiters even read them?

As the capabilities on-line have become more advanced and accessible, the CV has found itself going through its own jazzy trend. Like your regular clothing brand welcomes its latest fashion range of flairs, shellsuits or woolly roll necks, the CV too has been modified over the decades. The formatting has been tweaked and the content altered in-line with what’s known as protected characteristics.

OK, so what’s the big deal with Social Media? Well since the launch of both personal (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and professional (Linked In) social media sites, these platforms have been increasingly used by the recruitment and human resource managers as a means to dig-a-little deeper on the applicant. And for a myriad of reasons. Sure, it helps (slightly) confirm the person real, but they also offer a great insight into the candidates way of life and how they spend their spare time. Have they been running in charity events, enjoying civilized nights out with friend or turning their hand to home-made crochet? Or been out on the tiles for 5 days solid in the middle of October? You see where this is going.

So whilst some surveys do indicate Social Media is used now for more than 50% of hires, does this spell the end for the good old fashioned CV? I don’t think so.

However, it must be clean, un-cluttered and informative. There is some truth in the rumour that CVs have a 10 – 15 second window to catch the eye of the recipient, be it a recruiter or Hiring Manager, but they are generally read. You should ensure your CV is well presented and relevant to each role you apply for. Using the scatter gun approach when applying is not the answer, and may mean you get overlooked when you finally submit it for the role that does suit.

And don’t forget whilst you’re putting together the masterclass, tweet and post with caution!....


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