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Ways to attract talent in a candidate led market

Pick Wisely and Grow!

Attracting talent with the correct skill set and/or experience is key to any businesses' growth. 

In this noisy digital world, it's not easy for potential recruits to see the wood through the trees when scouring the internet for new opportunities.

Here's 5 tips to consider when thinking about recruiting into your business:

  1. Stand out! Concentrate advertising efforts into publications and on websites that attract your target audience with clever, catchy adverts.
  2. Look at your salary band and employee benefits to ensure you are offering a competitive package. A niche agency that work in your sector should be able to give you an insight into what your competitors are doing.
  3. Be honest. Use your website and social media channels to tell potential candidates what your business is about, what it's like to work there. Use video and involve current employees to leave snippets of what it's really like, the environment, the culture. 
  4. Use a reputable recruitment agency that understands your business, ethos and culture. Invite them in to look around and get a feel for your business so they can paint a picture to the potentials.
  5. With skilled candidates on the job market currently pulling the strings, it is likely that your interviewee is sought after. You'll need to impress! Be organised, professional and give prompt and honest feedback. Following a thorough and correct interview process, be in a position to strike whilst the irons hot!

Good luck!

JR, Oct '17