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Want to ‘sniff’ out the best candidates?

A university in Edinburgh has come up with a novel way to help put their candidates at ease during the interview process by incorporating dogs on the selection panel! According to staff at the University, it allows applicants to display their skills in an authentic setting and greatly helps the decision-making process.

The benefits of having a dog to ease pressures faced in the world of work are not only limited to selection processes; believe it or not introducing a furry friend to your office could boost the productivity of your workforce.

Here are 5 top reasons you should think about enlisting a four-legged friend into the office:


Reduces stress

Dogs have magic powers…or maybe they are just too cute you can’t help to smile! They are an instant mood booster and miraculously all the stress of work seems to dissipate as soon as a pet is around.


Encourages healthy living

By sharing the responsibility to walk the dog will encourage your employees to be active and get some fresh air. The reduced stress levels will also do everyone’s health a world of good!


Brings the team together

An office dog can be an incredibly powerful bonding tool. They can help facilitate employees interacting with one another where they wouldn't normally venture outside their comfort zones. 


Increased productivity

Research has found that giving yourself a breather away from work allows you to give your mind a bit of a break and return to your work feeling refreshed and engaged. Taking short breaks away from your desk to spend time with the dog, or take it for a walk, could work wonders for your employees’ productivity.


Pets won’t have to be left alone

Not only does bringing a dog into work benefit your employees but the dogs will thank you too! Dogs don’t like to be left on their own for too long nor is it fair to do so. 

One of our Clients, Irena Sikorski, Director of Invek Services loves having her dog Hank in the office.  Irena says that since joining he has increased morale within the office and is always a positive ice breaker for new employees and when first meeting new Clients.