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Supporting a local charity - Empire Fighting Chance

At Clever HR, we aim to be committed in helping others within our community who are local to our office. Our resources can have a significant impact whilst we are ambitious towards providing financial and organisational support to the local community. We thrive to provide encouragement and support, enabling these organisations to grow and develop.

As a team, we are proud to associate ourselves with Empire Fighting Chance - a Bristol based charity that helps young people who may be facing difficulty in life, in danger of drifting into a life of unemployment or even crime. They offer life changing programmes covering fitness and health, remedial work on numeracy and literacy, preparation for employment and mentoring and counselling. Their programmes aim to instil discipline, self control, and respect, whilst building self-confidence, life skills, and health and fitness.

“We get people back into education, or work ready, and steer them away from crime and alcohol or drug abuse”

The charity was originally established in 2006, when founders Martin Bisp and Jamie Snigar came across two teenagers involved in dealing drugs in a local park. Martin and Jamie made a brave decision in approaching the teens. They invited them into the gym and to try something different. In response to the session, these two teens in particular were eager to come back and give it another go! Within a matter of 6 weeks, the charity had expanded increasingly with 49 young people coming to the gym and participating in programmes on a daily basis.

At present, the charity have continued to provide motivational support and encouragement to individuals.

‘They’re a truly inspirational charity and I am beyond proud to be working for a business that provides sponsorship support’- Macey Marshall, Digital Marketing Assistant at Clever HR

Empire Fighting Chance holds an outstanding reputation within the city of Bristol. Their ongoing success has led to them having the opportunity to work with pupil referral units and Avon and Somerset Police. This has now developed into the largest non-contact boxing schools engagement programme in the UK. They are also in partnership with the NHS, tackling Mental Health and Obesity.

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