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Smile, be confident and want the job

For small to medium sized businesses, hiring a new member of staff is often paramount to the company’s continuity and success. For a newly created post, the right person can really make their mark, perhaps by creating processes or project managing certain responsibilities. If the move is a ‘swap’ for someone who has recently left, then quite often the role needs filling almost at once. Failing to replace a member of staff can create backlogs of work, increasing workloads for those now ex-colleagues and worst case scenario lead to disgruntled clients.          

Of course, a well written CV provides the employer with a good understanding of their employment history, indicating quite clearly if the candidate is suitably qualified and experienced for the vacancy, two vital elements on any hirer’s wish list.

But for some business owners or decision makers, this might not be the most important factor. Yes they would want industry experience and maybe a few qualifications, but the cultural fit is taking a pivotal role in the interview process.  On the other foot, candidates also are becoming more acute and ‘choosy’, weighing up Company background and ethos amongst others.  

For example, a Team Manager might have the nucleus of an outstanding team, one that he/she has built and developed over time. The last thing that they would want to do is jeopardise the hard work gone in to developing this unit. Personality, team spirit, a hard working ethic and the ability to interact with colleagues (and in a lot of cases clients) are just a few precious skill sets that could set you apart from your competitor.

And it’s not just SMEs. Speaking to a Finance Director of a FTSE 250 firm, when recruiting for a Management Accountant, the final decision went in favour of the candidate who, he admitted, probably was not as skilled as the other, however would be a better fit within the team culturally.

Looking at it specifically from the company’s perspective, they picked up a candidate who has been given a chance to shine, to show off their skill set in a new environment where they are eager to impress.  The cost of salary and other associated costs were slightly less, too.