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Pawsome Reasons To Have An Office Dog

Are you following the latest HR trend?

Bringing your pets to work is one of the latest HR trends to sweep the nation to help businesses stand out and attract the best recruits. And it works as 23% of prospective employees in Bristol would be more likely apply for a job if the company allowed pets.

This trend is becoming popular with one in five workplaces in Bristol now allow employees to bring pets into the office, as found in new research and nearly a third (31%) of workers would like to see more companies allow animals at work.

Here are our 5 reasons why we love to have a dog in the office:

  1. Reduces stress – We love looking into the eyes of our office dog as they boost our moods when we give them lots of love.
  2. Brings the team together – We bond when we discuss the dog. When normally we may be stressed and keep to ourselves, we become more open and talk to each other more.
  3. Encourages healthy living – The dog gets walked to and from the office and needs to go out to use the toilet. Some of us also find ourselves running around the office as we chase the dog for the ball.
  4. Increased productivity – Taking some time away from work and the desk to relax and play with the dog allows us to have a breather and when we return we feel refreshed and engaged.
  5. Boosting moral – We all have a laugh at when the dog does something funny or when he does a smelly fart. We find ourselves in a more upbeat mood throughout the day and we go home having enjoyed the day and wondering where the time went.

Sophie Rowland, 16 November '17