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Online Interviews – Recruitment during a pandemic

During this crucial period, businesses are trying to remain positive.

And, job seekers are still looking for hope. With companies all over the world increasingly telling their employees to work from home until the coronavirus is under control, we want to encourage employers to switch in-person interviews to online.

By arranging an online interview, we can continue to run the recruitment process and spread some positivity to those who are bursting to step into the industry and begin putting their skills and knowledge to use. This strategy will enable businesses to stock up on potential staff for when this pandemic eventually gets the all-clear. It will also allow people to have hope that there will be some light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s simple, all you need is a quiet setting with good lighting and a neutral background. And most of all, the most important piece of equipment – a laptop…or even a mobile phone! There are plenty of applications to use including the two most used apps, Skype and Facetime. Ensure there are no nearby distractions such as phones going off, your furry friend barking or a television in the background. Set yourself up in a professional environment such as a home office or if you don't have that, a table with the camera facing a wall works just as well!

Online interviews can be a quick and easy way to get someone interviewed while still getting a feel for who they are and how they present themselves. It's also cheaper if the candidate is not local!

Now is the time to pull together and remain stronger than ever! Support each other, support small businesses and be reassured that we are all in this together.



  • Find a quiet and private location to conduct the conversation. A noisy background will be frustrating for both parties! Coffee shops and communal shops if you can
  • Seek a well-lit place so you can both see each other clearly
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection
  • Have a pen and pad ready to make notes
  • Engage with the caller, looking at them on the screen not at passing foot fall!
  • Still dress professionally – Bermuda shorts and sunshades are a no go
  • Be on time ready to take/make the call
  • Body language – no slouching keep a good posture


Although the experience is very different to a face to face meeting – you want to prepare for this like you would as if it was a face to face meeting.

  • Research the company, use the company website for information and use other on-line sites to learn more about them
  • Who is the interviewer? Know who you are ‘meeting’ and seek to find something out about them
  • Be prepared to answer competency-based questions! For competency questions tips and advice follow the link:
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? A standard question, worth thinking about prior to the meeting


  • Practicing is a good idea. Use friends or family members to call you using the chosen method of interview. This will help you to familiarise yourself with the process and leave you in good stead for the real thing
  • A re-run or two will also ensure that it is all in working order – and prevent any IT issues on the day!
  • If you are using a personal account, on services such as Skype or Google, double check your username to make sure it is professional and not too embarrassing  
  • If you have an unexpected guest – child or noisy pet, for example, it’s fine. Calmly apologise and deal with it quickly as possible



Good Luck!