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Modern Technology at Work

CEO’s fear their company growth being hindered by inability to quickly understand and adopt modern technology.

A high percentage of workforce today say technology makes them more effective.

Statistics have shown that 23% of workers are frustrated by outdated technology at work. This disruption has caused employees to rethink about their career progression. Employees have been moving jobs more frequently, 31% have done so because their employers do not support their progression, 68% considering self-employment, 37% of 16 to 24 years old and 36% of 25 to 34% years olds considering more flexible lifestyle jobs.

Employers adopting modern technology in their workplaces would greatly decrease the percentage of workers leaving their jobs. It would reduce the work load and increase work productivity.

Technology advance gaps with individuals, businesses and the public policy are giving HR the opportunity to help organisations adapt to technology thus encouraging positive changes.

By Naomi Nziza  (July ,2017)