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Mobile Devices, The Future of Customer Experience.

An increasing percentage of customers use mobile devices in every aspect of their life. 

Consumers use their mobile devices to get information through reading news, or participating in social media. This puts financial advisers at risk, if they are not present where their clients get information as they could easily be replaced, or side-lined by other services or advisers.


Advisers want all their client record-keeping, workflows, and regulatory to operate effectively. Therefore, advisers include capability as part of their services because they know that what they put in front of their customers is very important. Every adviser software system offering any form of client portal these days should have built-in capability.

Personal financial Management (PFM) is now a crucial component of client portals in the workplace market, any financial wellness proposition. Intelliflo’s PFM is more of a native app that has a more slightly enhanced user interface, highly configured to meet individual user’s priorities.


Technologists are actively debating on distributing native apps via app store or responsive webpages. It is important to remember that it’s a matter of how simple or complex one wants the analysis to be.

Due diligence;

It was emphasised by the FCA that advisers are at the risk of being excessively influenced by support technology. If a firm wants to keep all its options open and be genuinely impartial, it should probably source its technology for risk profiling, cashflow modelling and client portal from an independent technology vendor, unless it is happy to be a single tie advisor. Single tie advisers are still able to deliver outstanding low-cost advice solutions.

Overall consumer facing technology (both apps and other touch enabled solutions) have a huge role to play in reducing adviser costs and improving customer experiences.

Research has shown that consumers increasingly turn to address their personal finances at evenings and weekends, but it is rare to meet advisers who want to spend more time in their offices during these hours. It is recommended that choosing the best client-facing technology can address this need.

By Naomi Nziza (July,2017)

Source: Financial Adviser No.1508