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Match Prep

OK, your CV has worked its magic. It has got you past the first hurdle and opened up an opportunity for a face to face.

The Hiring Manager has liked what they saw and invited you in for a formal interview. The employment history, the qualifications, the sales record, it all looks impressive. Now comes the fun part, sitting down in front of, maybe, a panel of blood hungry interviewers keen to see you sweat.

At this time, where opportunities are fiercely contested, some ‘match prep’ is key to success. Take some time out to research the business that you will be looking to further your career. The best and most obvious place is on the company’s website, whilst you can also find some interesting news and historical facts from a simple search on the likes of Google et al. It bodes well, it will be a tick in the box for you and they will expect you to have done it.

Speak to friends or ex colleagues for any information they may have on them as a business and, where possible, look to extract some information on the interviewer. You never know, you may have something in common, a perfect icebreaker!

Find out the exact location, maybe a test run prior to the big day, and see if you can establish a nice coffee shop or hotel close by that you can utilise beforehand. You are 100% better off being an hour early, giving you chance to reflect, relax and do any last minute revision, than you are to be rushing around trying to arrive on time.

Look sharp, dress smart and retain a positive frame of mind throughout the meeting. Firm handshakes and establishing frequent eye contact is an absolute must, and above all, relax. At the end of the day, they might need you as much (if not more) as you need them.