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Insight to Attract Candidates

Mission Possible. 

When something is worth doing or having, it is worth the hard-work and time. The hiring process is no different.

At Clever-HR, we have regular discussions with clients regarding their recruitment history and strategy; they often highlight recruitment as being one of the most challenging and stressful processes. When you consider the many variables involved with recruitment, adding the competition, uncertainty over Brexit and low unemployment rates, finding the exact right person for your business is an art. For some time now the recruitment market has been candidate led (they have the advantage) rather than employers.

So, what’s the Plan?

Do you have a detailed, eye catching job advert? When competition is fierce, as it is on-line, you need to advertise both the role and the company to help you stand out from the crowd. Write it as an Advert, not a Description. 

Don’t be Afraid to Stand Out!

A USP (Unique Selling Point) is more than just a marketing tool for your clients. Your USP will also attract new employees to join an exciting and unique opportunity. Don’t hesitate to put your USP on your website or careers page, your job adverts, your social media and any other relevant company material.  

Interview Time!

Have a structured interview process. Plan your recruitment journey for each and every vacancy, regardless of position, salary or grade. You could adopt a competency-based approach, an assessment day/centre or a formal one-to-one interview; there are plenty of options that we are happy to discuss with you.

Finding the Perfect Candidate

This is easier said than done. You can create a framework that will help you to make an educated decision when selecting candidates for interview…..

  • Are they the right demographic? 
  • Geographically, is it appropriate?
  • Do they have the right level of qualifications?
  • Do they have relevant industry experience?
  • Do they have the personality and culture to fit into your business?
  • Have they got the right work ethic?

There lots to consider! Our tip would be to focus on personality and the candidates desire to learn and develop new and existing skills, within your business. 

Compete Financially

From experience, when a good candidate is available and 'on the market', they are sought after and provided with multiple offers. It's then decision time, they have to go through the various offers and weighing up the advantages of each. Salary is the obvious driver when deciding, however other factors, such as Employee Benefits, travel costs/length of commute are all important variables when making their decision.

A candidate will think about:   

  • Overall Salary
  • Bonus Potential
  • Pension Schemes
  • Life or Health cover
  • Work Technology (phone/laptop)
  • Company Car
  • Furthermore, candidates may also highlight the opportunity to grow and develop within a business as a key desire

Partner with a Specialist Niche Agency

Chances are you may need to reach out to a recruitment agency. Industry knowledge is power so talk to a niche firm that specialise in your sector.  At Clever-HR, we provide a support function that enables us to work as if we were part of your business. Regardless of whether your business is a national firm or an SME, we always adopt the same approach;. It is important to our consultants that they fully understand your business ethos and culture so that they can locate and attract your perfect candidate.  

Efficient and effective recruitment is an essential process for any successful business. As highlighted within the aforementioned information, this process remains a challenge for many businesses, but it is a challenge worth engaging with. At Clever-HR we are here to ensure that this hurdle is negated, and your business can continue to grow and prosper……

Hopefully this has helped if you are looking to add additional staff or improve your processes. It is not easy, can be time consuming and a costly exercise. Remember, if in doubt, go without. 

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if we can assist in any way.