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Here is a brief update of Clever’s current situation as the Corona Virus continues to rattle the Financial Planning industry.

As a specialist in the industry, we have felt the pain of the stock markets plummeting and it has led to some really tough conversations with clients and candidates alike. This is affecting everyone - our clients range from smaller regional practices to large national firms and they all seem to have been affected. We have noticed a mix of attitudes from them, some have taken the decision to postpone all recruitment until further notice, where others (I'd say the majority) are driving forward to get essential roles filled and keep a normality to the business as much as possible.

By and large, financial advisers and other relationship / sales employees are working remotely. They can continue to manage client relationships through various means, such as video calls, telephone or regular e-mail correspondence. For those who spend a lot of time in a face to face environment this can take some getting used too! Back office and support staff, it seems, are either working from home or sharing time spent at the office until further advice from the government is given. Thus far, most of our candidates remain understanding and (some!) are embracing the on-line video conference style interviews that HR and hiring managers have at their disposal.

Standard office meetings seem to have been shelved and we are seeing a lot of hype out there suggesting this could be a game changer for the future of home working and the use of conference calls. 

At Clever we are set up to conduct business from the cloud, so we will continue to be at hand to work with our clients and candidates throughout, with minimal disruption. With this uncertainty at large, we would be happy to discuss any project you may have or to understand your companies recruitment strategy and plans to grow, albeit now or when the dust settles.