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Hiring Managers should re think about employing millennial job-hoppers

Millennials (Born between early 1980s to mid-1990s (age 20-34)) seem to hold a bad reputation for job-hopping. Hiring managers can’t get past CVs that read one and a half years here, two years there. Red flags go up.

Words like: Lack of experience. Fickle. Hard to retain, spring to mind.

Millennials are notorious for switching jobs every few years. Here’s why.

  • They want to grow professionally;
  • and they can’t grow where they are.

This group of employees get ‘itchy feet’ staying static. And that’s a quality all thriving businesses should want on their teams. This growth mindset is what keeps companies competitive.

Why job-hopping makes millennials good hires

Hiring managers should reframe their thinking around why someone leaves a role; it’s usually because they’re restless. If millennials want to keep developing their skills, and their company is not doing that for them, then why shouldn’t they leave?

Here’s why recruiting job-hopping millennials can be good for business:

  • They’re adaptive. These employees adjust well to new environments. They are growth-minded, so they’ve got great potential to develop within any organisation.
  • They’re disruptors. They challenge the status quo, and are at the forefront of changing workplaces for the better. They have a unique set of needs and advocate for new policies in the workplace.
  • They’re risk-takers. It says a lot about a group of people who assume the risk of switching jobs every two years. Why wouldn’t you want to hire someone who takes that risk rather than someone who stays in a secure micromanaged role for seven years?
  • They’re social responsibility-focused. Millennials are passionate about social causes that benefit the greater good, whether it’s a nonprofit charity or an altruistic company.

Food for thought, for next time you come across a Millennial's CV!

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