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Happy Birthday: Clever HR turns 5 years old

It’s been 5 years since Clever HR was first established. That’s 1,826.2125 days! We’ve been around for half a decade now…how time flies when you’re having fun ay? As we’ve reached this special occasion, we thought it would be nice to reflect on the years!

It all began in our very own ‘Broom Cupboard’. Put it this way, we found it getting cosy rather quickly! We had a desk, mobile phone, laptop, internet access and plenty of support from family and friends…and we were raring to go!

Achieve & Succeed

In April 2015, we had our first ever placement. A candidate, based in Cardiff, started his new career within a Chartered Financial Planners…this was awesome! Since then, we’ve successfully placed hundreds of candidates – something we’ll always be pleased about. Any excuse to press the button of ‘Johnny Connors’ (our leading legend of a Scottish dancing man). We go to Johnny whenever we’ve placed a candidate in a new career and he’ll happily play some Scottish music for us! It’s our way of giving ourselves a tap on the back!

“There is no better feeling than when a candidate calls you and says thank you for helping them get their new job and how it was a pleasure to work with you” – Cat Rendell


A year later, we moved into our new office. To this day, it remains Clever HQ! We’ve made it our home and within these walls, we’ve made some pretty good business…cheers to us! Our team has expanded as we’ve welcomed the one and only Brenda Willmott. Bren’s brought bundles of industry experience to the team, something we’ll all be very thankful for! Over time, we’ve had even more fantastic people climb aboard the Clever HR gang – including Ben, Macey and Bradley. As a team, we’ve come together to continue creating successful results…not forgetting the OG’s James, Tom, Sam and Cat of course!

So, what’s in store for the next 5 years? We’re talking bigger and better! Our vision is to continue to grow our presence within the Financial and Wealth Management sector as an exceptional recruitment agency. We won’t settle for less so who’s with us?

We’re very grateful for all the support we’ve had over the past 5 years and long may that continue ♡ We love to keep you in the loop so, feel free to follow our social media accounts…if you’re not already following them of course!