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CISI's New Level 7 Qualification

The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment launches a new pathway which will replace the Level 6 Diploma.

After a restructure of qualifications, the CISI has decided to change their Level 6 Diploma to a new Level 7 Diploma qualification on the National Qualifications Framework. As part of the new scheme, if you do not register for the Level 6 Financial Plan Assessment by the 30th November 2019, you will have to enrol on the new pathway.

Candidates who wish to progress CFP™ certification will now complete the revised Diploma in Advanced Financial Planning. The first step is a level 6 narrative exam, which will cover the theory and the overall approach required. This is then followed by a level 7 Financial Plan Assessment, which will enable candidates to put the learning into practice and demonstrate their ability to develop a financial plan. 
The syllabus for the new CISI Level 6 Certificate in Advanced Financial Planning will become available this month, with the workbook due in May. A sample exam paper will follow in July. The first exam sitting is scheduled to take place in September 2019.

CISI is running a five-day financial plan assessment preparation course offering guidance and support on the key components of the plan for those on the current pathway to CFP certification. In addition, a new two-day course entitled the Principles and Practice of Financial Planning, will be starting this month. The new course is designed for those who already hold a Level 6 or 7 qualification to understand and apply best practices for building a financial plan without necessarily continuing on to study for the CFP licence.

At the end of 2018, there were 181,360 CFP professionals worldwide, with organisations delivering or preparing to deliver CFP certification in 26 countries and territories.

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