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Bring Your Child to Work Day

Fill The Future Talent Gaps By Bringing Your Child to Work.

It is believed that bringing your child to work helps bridge the gap between the academic offerings of the school curriculum, and real-life workplace experiences.

While the parents carry one with their daily routine, their children would take part in workshops and events related to the industry their parents are working in. It opens the children's eyes to the workplace which gives them a little bit of an idea of what their parents do when they go to work every day.  

It helps groom the next generation of young people entering the workforce in the future. Those children who have not been attracted to a sector are given a chance to gain knowledge on how that particular sector operates. This would help them consider these different sectors in the future.  

Bringing children to work helps develop their financial literacy.  Schools have been trying to teach financial education, but children are able to understand better when employers link what goes on at schools to the workplace.

By Naomi Nziza (July 2017)