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7 Reasons Why - becoming a client at Clever HR

Sometimes it's not always easy finding the ideal candidate for your business. When you have specific requirements to fulfil your business' goals and needs, it's always important to be able to try and find the perfect match when hiring employees. As a recruitment agency we're more than happy to help you successfully gain new employees within the wealth management and insurance industry! With that in mind, here is why YOU should become a client of ours...

1) Stress-free hiring

Whether you're struggling with the process of searching for candidates or you have too much workload to even consider looking for candidates, the truth is you're not alone. At Clever HR our role is to take that pressure away from you. There is a strong possibility that our recruiters know exactly who to look for. Are you wanting to find your perfect match? No problem, just leave us to work our magic!

2) Shortlisting the best

Using a recruitment agency enables you to meet with high-quality candidates. At Clever HR, we have access to a large talent pool of candidates that have already been closely assessed and interviewed. This means that the chances of finding an accurate match is very high. When going through this process, we will always take into consideration both the candidates needs as well as your requirements as a business.

3) Recruitment knowledge

It's no secret that we know a lot about recruitment - it's our job after all! Clever HR we will make sure that your job advertisements are viewed by the maximum of candidates. This will include writing compelling, attractive job adverts that encourages people to apply. We know how to quickly, but effectively screen a CV, sussing out the weaker candidates early on in the process.

4) Employer branding

As an agency, we know just how important employer branding is - not just when it comes to recruitment - but to a business as a whole. We'll represent you professionally throughout the entire process, but we'll also ensure that candidates get a feel for your company culture and brand as well – something which is so important these days. We feel it's important to build a trusted relationship with candidates so that they more likely to listen to the help and advice of a recruiter.

5) Focus on serving the client

Most of the work we can offer to you as a client will be completed before we take any compensation. If we are unable to provide you with a match for your business, no fees will be charged for the work done in the process. This means our focus is finding you the perfect candidate for the job- those who are genuine, passionate and determined.

6) Managing professional appearance

Some companies (such as smaller companies), may not necessarily have a dedicated in-house recruiter. These companies tend to lack the expertise and resources to find and hire the best candidates. To ensure that your hiring process is done professionally and effectively, we can offer you the opportunity to choose to use our services as a recruitment agency. If you don’t know how to recruit in a highly professional manner, leave it to us - we won't let you down!

7) Work with us!

Using a recruitment agency is the up and coming way of achieving what your business' is looking for in the most specific and accurate way possible. It has never been easier to save time, source sufficient candidates, and fill your open roles faster than with the help of Clever HR’s recruitment services. We have experienced recruiters who are always more than happy to help you along your journey of finding the right employees for you. If you think we could provide a great service for you, get in touch with us today! Let's work together and make the best out of every situation:)

Fun facts

  • 47% of small business cannot find qualified applicants for open positions, yet 51% of employees are considering new jobs
  • 76% of CVs are ignored if your email address is unprofessional
  • Approximately 80% of available jobs are never advertised
  • Recruitment agencies can have a bad reputation... But did you know there are other benefits which come with using an agency and that partnering with the right agency can be highly beneficial to your company as a whole?

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