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5 ways to Protect your Company’s Reputation 

Protecting your company’s reputation is essential but how can you ensure any damage is kept to a minimum?

Here we list fives ways you can reduce the risk.

1. Implement a robust social media policy Employers should implement and circulate a robust social media policy that sets out clear rules on social media use

2. Deal with inappropriate comments on social media Where an employee has posted inappropriate comments about the organisation on social media, the employer should collect evidence and take steps to remove the material quickly by asking the employee to do so.

3. Train line managers in proper recruitment practices It is important line managers manage the process following a selection decision in a professional manner, especially when informing someone that their application has been unsuccessful, as a disgruntled applicant may reproduce it on social media.

4. Warn staff of expected conduct outside the workplace Misconduct outside the workplace can adversely affect an organisation’s public image. Line managers should warn employees about their behaviour in a workplace or public event.

5. Consider adverse publicity before fighting tribunal claims Since February 2017, employment tribunal decisions are available online and can, therefore, attract negative media interest or put off job applicants from working for the organisation