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5 Things Candidates Want

Do you want incredible candidates queuing at your door?

Simply covering the basics might not be enough to attract a good quality of candidates you require and just by including a few other points could help you find the right people to fit your roles. 

It comes down to articulating what really sets your company apart.

To make sure your ads are attracting the best candidates, here are five things every candidate wants from a new job:


1. Company culture

For many jobseekers, finding an organisation with the right cultural fit is essential.

Try and give a clear indication of the type of business you are so that job seekers can gauge their suitability with you well in advance of the interview.  What sort of work environment do you offer? What’s the management style of your business? What’s your approach to corporate social responsibility? 


2. Career prospects

When it comes to finding the right role, career prospects will always be important.

If a job advert gives a clear indication of the career prospects that come with the role, candidates are far more likely to consider it. Is there a clear career progression within the business?  Are there opportunities for training and development?  So whether it’s helping to fund a qualification, running workshops, or offering secondments, there are many ways to promote employee wellbeing and job satisfaction through learning and growth. All these aspects make a role very attractive – after all, no one wants their career to stand still.


3. Attractive Salary

Money matters.

Across all age and experience levels, salary averages out as the highest priority, although the other aspects are also important – this is usually the first thing that is checked.

With two in three candidates more likely to apply when the salary is advertised then this is a must for any job vacancy.  It helps prospective employees build a picture of their suitability for the job and the level of experience required.


4. Flexible Working

The majority of jobseekers strive for the right work/life balance as well as work for a business that acknowledges the importance of it.

Not only will it encourage them to be positive about their employers and their work, but will cultivate good morale in your business.  Whether it’s by clarifying whether the role can be fulfilled partly or work remotely, or at flexible times of the week, ensure you include the right information for your job advert.


5. Good benefits

Attractive benefits can act as a key deciding factor when choosing a job for in-demand candidates

Whether it’s a generous pension, a good healthcare scheme, or slightly extended holidays - benefits like these can set you apart from other vacancies when prospective candidates maybe deliberating between a number of attractive roles.

Shout out about methods you have in place to boost employee wellbeing such as lunchtime or after-work activities like a gym or yoga classes, healthy food initiatives or ‘tea’ or drinks at the end of the week. Perks like these can make a candidate remember you or spark their interest in your role.


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