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3 Ways to Improve Absence

Keep your employees happy and healthy this winter

Following on from my previous post about Absence Management, I thought that I would highlight that aside from the policies, there are three ways in which you can keep your employees happy and healthy throughout the winter months. As an employer you will need to commit a small amount of time, effort and resources which is likely to offer a good return in terms of reduced absence and increased productivity.

  • Stress Management. Stress levels are known to peak in the months before and after Christmas and employees are known to have higher anxiety and exhaustion levels. Training on stress management for all staff members can help with monitoring stress levels and on how to deal with them and having appropriate practices in place can ensure employees to be able to identify and support those who need help in these times.
  • Flu Vaccinations. Flu vaccinations have been known to be a popular offering in organisations as they help to reduce sickness in the winter months while being an inexpensive option. Before winter fully settles in it is a perfect time to offer this service to your staff.
  • Health and well-being. There are many opportunities within this section to help with reducing winter sickness. A good place to start is by encouraging good hygiene practice in work with posters and email reminders about food, hand, and respiratory hygiene and can help to prevent spreading of cold and viruses. There is also a positive impact from a balanced diet and regular exercising. If you have areas which provide food like a canteen; why not, ensure that healthy warm meals are on offer which are filling but healthy at the same time. Vegetable pasta bakes or hearty soups are simple ideas which will help to maintain that balanced diet. Regular exercise is known to improve the blood flow, strengthen the heart, and increases the feel-good hormone ‘endorphins’ that help lift moods. Why not set up a lunchtime walk or find a local class which runs nearby which you can encourage employees to go to around their work-time.

"Organisations who invest in the health and wellbeing of their workforce report up to £3 return on investment for each £1 spent". (Midlands Workplace Wellbeing)

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Sophie Rowland, 13th Oct '17