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Clever-HR specialise in developing small businesses HR focus and strategy with bespoke solutions.

We have over 40 years HRM experience in UK, Europe and Australia, within multinational, private and public organisations.  We have experts in Recruitment, Talent Management, Coaching, Employment Law, Diversity and Generalist HR activities.  Our ethos is to work in partnership with Executives and Senior Managers to develop secure business relationships that focus on business strategy and achieve bottom line results.  

We can simplify the area with qualified and expert advice. From Employment Law to Assessment Centres, to Leadership Courses to Recruitment, our experienced HR Consultants will allow you to relax when it comes to all things HR, and allow you to concentrate on the continued success of your business. Please get in touch to discuss your HR requirements.

10 Clever reasons why you may need HR support

1.            Focus on employees to develop trust, and ensure they are energised, engaged and motivated to effectively perform their roles;

2.            Give managers the confidence to effectively deal with all types of employee relations matters;

3.            Manage and drive a high performance culture;

4.            Provide guidance and updates with employment legislation;

5.            Deliver policies that reflect business strategy and guide people with appropriate ways of working;

6.            Deliver and advise on training and development;

7.            Recruit and select the right people;

8.            Build talent from within the workforce through succession planning;

9.            Creation and amendment of contracts of employment;

10.          Market trend analysis with salary reviews, employee benefit programmes and other reward and retention strategies.

We can offer bespoke HR solutions including: 

Contracts of Employment

A contract of employment is an agreement between an employer and employee and is the basis of the employment relationship.  Did you know that a contract starts as soon as a verbal offer of employment is accepted, regardless of whether the employee has received anything in writing?!  The employer is legally required to provide the employee with a written statement of terms and conditions (an employment contract) within 8 weeks of starting.  This protects both parties in the employment relationship.  We can create such documents and also advise on how to vary existing agreements. 

Talent Management

Recruitment and selection of the right individuals is important for the ongoing profitability of the business but if you could build talent through the existing workforce then wouldn’t that make more sense? We can assist you to identify and map the competencies of the critical roles and key individuals that may fill these roles. We can support you with development planning and creation and review of talent pools and assist you with other talent management and succession planning activities.

Capability Based Interview Skills training

Developing and maintaining a selection system that yields solid returns is crucial to every organisation. We can fully support your managers and provide Capability Based Interview Skills training to ensure the selection system includes accuracy, equity and buy in and is something that they can professionally support and deploy.

Executive Coaching

By working with the Senior Management team, we can deliver individual coaching sessions through effective communication, visions and goals, relationship building and facilitation of performance results and outcomes. We can deliver a coaching roadmap that will create a journey for each manager to own and employ.

Leadership & Development

We can develop your managers with coaching for performance skills through Leadership and Development training and Performance Coaching. This will address effective listening, powerful questioning and how to provide constructive feedback.

Equipping managers with the skills to coach and performance manage their staff will support the initial recruitment and selection decisions made to ensure ongoing business success and employee satisfaction.

Performance Management – Successful 1-to-1’s and development sessions

In addition to Leadership and Development training and Performance Coaching we can support the development planning process, particularly focusing on the creation of structured development plans which are driven by the individual and will benefit the organisation.

Employment Legislation

Employment law covers a multitude of directives and responsibilities. It is important that managers are equipped with the skills and confidence to conduct a fair yet thorough investigation process that may lead to a succession of disciplinary meetings or even termination of the employment contract.  We can equip managers to be legally compliant, ensure peace of mind and avoid costly tribunals.

Belbin Team Assessments

By Belbin Team Profiling, we can analyse teams within your organisation and assist in identifying the profile of a potential candidate that could balance the team to realise its full potential. We can also support you in understanding all staff, including managers and how their individual profiles interact and offer strategies to maximise their strengths. Job specifications can also be written detailing specific Belbin profile requirements to support the Recruitment and Selection process.

Assessment Centres

We can design and deliver assessment centres to recruit and select the right candidates for those business critical roles. These can run over 1 to 2 days and can include capability interviews, role plays, in tray exercises, team exercises and psychometric tests to be sure that you select the most suitable people, ideally for multiple roles.

Auto Enrolment Introducers

To ensure you remain or become compliant with the new legislation we work in partnership with one of the South West’s leading benefit consultants to help our clients. Our partner has a wealth of experience in delivering employee benefit and pension solutions both locally and nationally. Through their personal advice arm they are also able to help your employees with their pension and investment decisions, as well as helping them to take the vital decisions when they come to retirement.

Employee Healthcare Solutions

Employee benefits can play a key part in helping staff stay fit, healthy and motivated! As a result, we have teamed up with WPA to assist in providing your members of staff with a top level of healthcare. Steve Windaybank, a Healthcare Partner of WPA has joined us to support clients offering a wide range of health products. Whilst bringing in income is the lifeblood of every business, keeping your staff happy and motivated is integral to its continued success.


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